Floris van Eck
Man From Tomorrow

Creative Technologist helping businesses explore and navigate the future

It’s not enough to simply know about what will happen next; you will need to experience it in order to make the change necessary for your business to keep up.

My philosophy and approach to exploring and understanding possible futures are a beginners mind, wanderlust and the hacker ethos.

Deep satisfaction, a sense of fulfilment, new experiences, tangibility, a direct experience of life, connection – these are the things my ever-curious soul is seeking!

Man From Tomorrow Blog

On the Man From Tomorrow blog I post about things what I view as interesting new developments or important shifts in a time when exponential technologies are redefining our reality.

You can read my posts in english and dutch.

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  • Participatory Strategy
  • Design Thinking
  • Business Development
  • Future Studies
  • Applied Research
  • Creativity
  • Team Work
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Storytelling
Strategic Consulting

I offer qualitative strategic consulting both in the enterprise and consumer space. My ideal role is as an advisor on high level company or investment initiatives. My standard deliverable is a written report and oral presentation. I do not offer quantitative analysis or deeply involved deliverables.

Growth Hacking

Through rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development I can help your company identify the most effective, efficient ways to grow your business, specifically focussing on building and engaging the user base.

Events & Workshops

I host multi-layered explorations of new technology frontiers that will offer you everything you truly need to know about emerging technologies and their application. Learn the basics about the hardware, the software and the accompanying trends.

Public Speaking

You can book me as a speaker for both public and private events. Compensation will vary based on the nature of the customer and event, as well as the topic and date. Ideal topics are in-line with my work at Imaging Mind & Crack The Future.

Crack The Future

Crack The Future is an innovation outpost helping businesses make the next step, by providing them with relevant intel about future technologies and movements. It offers qualitative strategic consulting to enterprise and consumer companies. My role is as an advisor on high level company initiatives.

Imaging Mind

Imaging Mind is a knowledge platform and research initiative for identifying the opportunities and limits of visual technologies as well as their social, cultural, economic, and ethical impacts on people, organisations and society over the coming decades. My role is as connector and researcher.

Services Valley
Business Developer & Startup Coach

Services Valley is an open innovation centre with the goal to accelerate local services development. I orchestrated collaborations between government, enterprises, startups and academia. I helped Services Valley generate new business outside of subsidies and provided mentoring to early-stage startups.

Canon Nederland N.V.
Senior Account Manager

Canon is a world-leading innovator and provider of imaging and information technology solutions. I succeeded in my role as Senior Account Manager by applying relationship management, consultative selling and business development techniques effectively with both profit and non-profit clients.

Avans University

Bachelor of Business Administration
International Business & Management Studies
Key Focus:
- The International Business Environment
- Leadership across cultures
Main Subjects:
International Marketing, International Operations Management and International Accounting and Financial Management.
English, Spanish, German and Dutch.

University of Zaragoza

I participated in the ERASMUS programme of the EU as part of my Bachelor degree. ERASMUS is the EU's flagship education and training programme enabling 200.000 students to study and work abroad each year. The programme fosters learning and understanding of the host country.

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